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What is Sports Arbitrage?

  Sports arbitrage is a daily occurrence in sports-betting markets. The differences between bookmakers' opinions lead to different prices and this, in turn, creates sports arbitrage trading opportunities. Online gaming is one of the largest growing industries in the world and this growth has caused an explosion in the availability of sports arbitrage trades.  

What are the different types of chance/odds?

2-WAY (MoneyLine/To Win/Match Winner/PuckLine) - A common ARB where there’s no draw outcome (Example: Basketball, Tennis)
3-WAY - Betting in three possible outcome (Example: Football/Soccer, Hockey)
ASIAN HANDICAP- Turns a 3-WAY bet into 2-WAY, eliminating the draw option.
EUROPEAN HANDICAP - Unlike ASIAN HANDICAP, where the possible outcomes of a match are reduced to two.
OVER/UNDER/Total Goals - Combination of scores of matching teams.

What is Best Arb?

  BEST ARB is a powerful sports bet analysis system software designed for serious sports arbitrage betting, which eliminates the need for bookies and middlemen who are sometimes prone to human error. BestArb’s intuitive interface and advanced automated system ensures that you will never miss out on profitable opportunities every time you place a bet or a wager, which guarantees you easy money and profit.  

How does BEST ARB work?

  BEST ARB sports arbitrage program has the same basic principles of work as other Betting Arbitrage software. BEST ARB servers collect online bookmaker odds and data it will make the basic arbitrage calculations to detect arbitrage situations. The detected arbitrage opportunities are sent to the client software computer to displays complete arbitrage details, in a simple and easy to use interface.  

What sports are supported on BEST ARB?

BEST ARB supports the following sports type:
• American Football
• Aussie Rules
• Baseball
• Basketball
• Cricket
• Ice Hockey
• Rugby League
• Rugby Union
• Politics
• Tennis
• Soccer

How can I purchase Bestarb?

  You can purchase BEST ARB by clicking the BUY Button or you can direct to this link http://www.bestarb.com/arb/download.php and select the package or subscription that you want to purchase.  

Do you have a free trial of the software?

  Yes, a trial version is available but with limited functionality. You just need to register to get an account in www.bestarb.com  

What are the requirements for running Best Arb?

• System Requirements: .Net Framework 4.0.
• OS Support: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Linux

How do I retrieve my username and password?

  If you forgot your Username or Password, you can retrieve them by clicking the “Forgot Account”. A “Retrieve User ID/Password” window will pop up. You may choose between I Forgot my Username/I Forgot my Password/I Forgot my Username and Password. The system will automatically send the account details to your valid Email address you provided.    

What are the installation problems?

  The most problem users may encounter during the installation of BEST ARB is either your computer doesn’t have a Microsoft .NET Framework 4 installed. You may need to install .NET Framework 4 first before you install BEST ARB software client.    

How can I place bet?

  In BEST ARB you can see all necessary information to place the bets in one window: arbitrage profit percentage, teams or players involved, betting market, odds and bookmakers involved in the trade. When you are ready to place arbitrage bet, you may simply click on the arb row and BEST ARB will open the betting window, automatically and log you in your bookmaker accounts, find the correct sports match and even highlight the odds. The only thing you have to do is to check the information and place the bets. This special feature really makes BEST ARB stand out of the competition in terms of usability and automation.    

What are new the features of BEST ARB?

Basically, the new features of BEST ARB are:
Dashboard - Here you can see the most detailed and toped viewed Bookmakers. This feature is only available in the Enterprise Edition.
Messenger - Another best feature in BEST ARB is the Messenger it can help us to talk to other people who are also using the BEST ARB; send offline messages as well as can see your incoming messages. You can also change your status by choosing; Online, Busy, Away, or Do Not Disturb. This feature is only available in the Enterprise Edition.
Quick Search - By simply clicking the button Quick Search, It will not be hard for you to find something that you want to see on the Arb List.
Appearance - You can change the default theme of BEST ARB as well as the Language settings.

What is the difference of single betting to arbitrage?

  Single betting is a bet placed on just one selection or market, allowing you to earn some profit by guessing just one match correctly. When placing single bets, your return will not depend on the outcome of several matches, so you can cash in as soon as you have guessed one selection correctly. Because they feature higher winning percentages than accumulator bets, single bets are recommended by all betting experts as the safest way towards long-term profit. Seeing that potential returns are somewhat lower than those resulting from accumulator bets, single bets are usually placed at odds close to evens. While on the other hand Arbitrage is the trading technique, whereby exactly offsetting positions are taken in a market simultaneously but at different prices. The difference in price represents an immediate risk-free arbitrage profit that is independent of the subsequent movement in price of the instruments traded. Arbitrage has long been used in financial markets, which can be difficult for non-professionals to access.  

How can I profit from Arbitrage?

  By picking the right odds and placing a calculated stake on it will surely give you a great profit.  

What are the system requirements for running BEST ARB?

The system requirements for BEST ARB are:
• Program Install Support: Install and Uninstall
• System Requirements: .Net Framework 4.0
• OS Support: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Linux

What is the function of Dashboard?

Dashboard is another great feature in BEST ARB. Dashboard contains:
Graphical Statistics - To determine the most viewed Bookmakers.
Detailed Stats - The detailed information of Graphical Statistics, about the most viewed Bookmakers.
Bet Viewer - To show, who is online and what they have view in BEST ARB.

What should I do if I experience some difficulties accessing my account?

  You may experience some difficulties in accessing your account in BEST ARB upon verification of your account when you Log-in into the software. It will varies depending on your internet speed for it is downloading data on the server. If problem still arise please send us an email at support@bestarb.com  

Where could I give my feedback or comments about BEST ARB?

  You may give your feedbacks or comments on BEST ARB, by sending an email message at support@bestarb.com  

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How do I calculate the stakes in arbitrage?

  The built in calculator in BEST ARB will automatically calculates stake appropriate for the odds given by the bookmaker. You can also enter a fixed stake that you wish at any bookmaker and the other stakes will update themselves accordingly.  

What is "stake kidnapping"?

  It is the situation where some bookmakers feel that they have the right to accept your bet and at a later time decide whether to accept parts or your entire stake. These bookmakers will get hold of your stake while they decide what to do with it. You as a customer have no option to cancel the bet while it is up for review.  

Can I filter out the low percentage of arbitrage profit on my software?

  Yes, you just need to customize your setting. Try to click the “Arbitrage” button and you will find the option there.  

Can I filter the bookmakers that I prefer to be included in my arbitrage?

  You can filter your bookmakers in the SETTINGS Selection and by clicking the Bookmaker Button. Select the bookmaker that you want to appear to the arb list by checking the box provided under the enabled section.  

How do I retrieve my username and password?

  You can retrieve your username and password by clicking the “Forgot Account”. A “Retrieve User ID/Password” window will pop up. You may choose between I Forgot my Username/I Forgot my Password/I Forgot my Username and Password. The system will automatically send the account details to your valid Email address you provided.  

What is Cross Market Arbs?

  Cross market arbs are a mix of two or more different markets. There are many possible combinations which can result in an arbitrage.  

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Where can I raise my concerns about the software?

  You could always reach us any time through our support@bestarb.com  

How can I subscribe to Best Arb News Letter?

  We can directly send you updates and promotions on our News Letter by visiting our website home page at www.bestarb.com and provide us your Name and Email address. 

How can I upgrade my Subscription from Personal Edition to Enterprise Edition?

  Go to the “Buy page” of the website then simply click Enterprise Edition. An automated email will be send to you comprising the link that you will click to upgrade your account from Personal Edition to Enterprise Edition.  

If ever I want to change my Personal Information from my Best Arb account, what do I need to do?

  From “Setting” click the”User “button to change your personal information.