BEST ARB is powerful sports bet analysis system software designed for serious sports arbitrage betting. BEST ARB intuitive interface and advanced automated system ensures that you will never miss out on profitable opportunities every time you place a bet or wager, which guarantees you easy money and profit.

How It Works

Log In

Log – in contains the form for accessing the software, It has a:

New User – for the new participants.

Existing User – for those who are registered and currently using the software.

After you log in, you will see the

In Arb Details panel you can see more details of the selected arb such as what event, last bet update, Arb Type, Sports etc.

Arb List

After you log in, you will see the

In this view you will decide which arbs to bet on, depending on the percentage, which bookmakers that involved in the arbs.

Bookmaker List

After you log in, you will see the

You will all this list of bookmakers and their odds offer.


With this, you can calculate your profit in an arb without having to open up the Betting browser. You can change the stake and it will be automatically adjust to your desired amount.


Graphical Stat

Detailed Stat

Bet Viewer

Dashboard allows you to tract and observe others user’s transaction.

The Buttons

BET – After choosing on your selected arbitrage. The Betting Browser will open up.

Messenger – Another best feature of BEST ARB. It can help us talk to other people who are also using the software by chatting or offline messages. You can also change your status by choosing; Online, Busy, Away or do not disturb.

Quick Search – simply clicking the button, it will make you find information you want to see on the Arb List easily.

Betting Browser

The Two way view of Betting in BEST ARB.

On the shown image you could see the Arb Info Panel place on the left side that contains some detailed information of the game.

The ARB Info. Panel

The Two way view of Betting in BEST ARB.

• The participant is Johansson, Mathilde
• The sports is Tennis
• The odds category is Money Line
• The odds is 1.90
• You calculated stake is 52.63

The Option Window

Allows you to customized your software for your own convenience.


With this, you can calculate your profit in an arb without having to open up the Betting browser. You can change the stake and it will be automatically adjust to your desired amount.


Customizable alerts, allows you to change between audio alerts, flash window or even hide alerts when betting browser is use.


It shows the Arb List and The Application Options.


It shows the log information and the user preferences.


It can change the team and the language of the software.

How to Open an Online Bookmaker Account

Choose your preferred bookmaker Ex:

Making a Deposit with an Online Bookmaker

Just simply click the deposit button and follow the instructions given by the bookmaker.

Here are some types of payment method that is commonly associated with bookmakers:

• Neteller
• Moneybookers (Skrill)
• Paypal
• Debit / Credit Card (Visa or MasterCard)
• Bank Wire Transfer

Just choose in which payment you want then you could proceed depositing your money.

Online Bookmaker Terms and Conditions

Make sure you are familiar with the terms and conditions when you register with an online bookmaker. Below are lists of questions to consider when looking through online bookmaker terms and conditions.

• Minimum deposit requirements
• Deposit methods accepted
• Options for withdrawals from betting account
• Are fees charged to deposits on betting account
• Are fees charged to withdrawals from betting account
• Minimum bet amount taken
• Maximum winnings allowed
• Rules for the individual bet you place, especially rules for when bets are voided.

Payment methods that can be use:

• Neteller
• Moneybookers (Skrill)
• Paypal
• Debit / Credit Card (Visa or MasterCard)
• Bank Wire Transfer

Most of the bookmakers featured on the Betting Directory offer Neteller as a deposit method. Opening a Neteller account is like using an online wallet. You can deposit, cash and transfer your money to any merchant that uses online payments.
For withdrawals, the operation is the same; the site will credit your Neteller account.

Steps on how to open a NETELLER Account

STEP 1 : Visit Neteller site : then click “sign up”.

STEP 2 : Complete the Information Requested. This will ask for your Full name, E-mail address and Password, along with Password recovery information and a confirmation that you have read and agreed to the Neterller Terms of Services.

Register a valid Email Address

Input Personal details needed then click “ continue”

All requested information must be completed to proceed with registration, and users should click the “SEND AN EMAIL” Button to continue.

STEP 3 : Check your Email account. An automated email will be sent to you with 12 Digit account Number and 6 Digit Secure Number and an activation link – Users must click the link to confirm and activate their account.

*Note: After registration, your Neteller account is still in “unverified status”. You must send Neteller a copy of your valid I.D. and wait until they change your account to “verified status” You must also secure your Neteller Account Number and Secure Number because this will be needed in funding your bookmakers. When the Neteller account has been activated, you can adds funds to your account and begin to use it in your online transactions.

Online Bookmaker Free Bets

Nearly all online bookmakers’ offers free bets to give boosts on their clients’ betting with corresponding terms and conditions. Free bets are usually honored when you open an account to their site and made an initial deposit that is qualifying the free bets’ terms.

Here’s a list of bookmakers with free bets:

How to Bet

After the registration on bookmakers and making deposits, you are now ready to bet. Open the bookmaker that you registered. Supply the needed information: username or client ID and password.

Select the Sports that you want to bet.

After finding the sports, game event and the team or player that you wanted to bet, you can now place your stake and click on the SUBMIT button.

Click on the CONFIRM BETS button to confirm and place your bet.

Your bet is completed once you have been issued with a Betting Ticket.

Doing Sports Arbitrage is easy and convenient with the tools available around us like Bestarb Sports Betting Software. Just know your sports, do some calculations and be extra careful in placing bets. You need to double check the event, event date and the opposing team. Make sure also that the odds match as well as the participants in the event.

Happy Arbing!!!