High Usability

BEST ARB was designed with a highly intuitive user interface that is easy to use, so you can immediately start using the sports arbitrage software, with minimal learning time. Just download, install, and start betting!

Advanced Automation: AutoLogin and AutoSurf

BEST ARB’s advanced automated system make it possible to place a bet within seconds, instead of minutes. After clicking on the arb you want to bet on, the AutoLogin feature will automatically log you in to the bookmakers. The correct pages will be shown, and the participant and odds will be highlighted for easier reference. With AutoSurf activated, you will only need to enter the amount you wish to bet, and you are done! Considering that the best arbitrages might only live for a few minutes, this will give you the opportunity to place significantly more arbs which would otherwise expire. This is a unique feature that only BEST ARB has and that no other sports arbitrage betting service offers.

Centralized Betting Browser

No more switching constantly between browser windows and spreadsheets! All the information you need is gathered in a single Betting Browser, which makes betting on an arbitrage extremely easy. Two or three bookmaker web sites can be shown on a single page, and if it gets crowded, you can always maximize one of the windows to full screen. The Betting Browser comes tremendously handy when you need to see an overview of the bets you are about to place.

Customized Alerts

Never miss a great arb again with BEST ARB’s fully customizable alerts! Feel free to choose from a variety of audio and visual alerts, or even have a BEST ARB pop up when an arb above a certain percentage is found. Filters are also available so you can efficiently separate the low arbs from the high ones, or categorize them according to certain bookmakers or sports.

Above-industry Security Measures

BEST ARB’s security measures exceed industry standards. First, starting the program requires a master password. The bookmaker logs in, and passwords are then encrypted on your computer using this password (with a "salt") with another industrial-strength encryption. All browsing activity involved when you bet on an arbitrage is made from your computer and your own Betting Browser. No sensitive information is ever sent to company servers.

Built-in Arbitrage Calculator

Put away that calculator, and close that separate spreadsheet program! BEST ARB has its own Arbitrage Calculator which is integrated into the Betting Browser, letting you change odds and stakes while all related numbers get updated accordingly, in real-time, as you type.

Highly Visible Warnings

Important warnings that might otherwise be easy to miss--such as when bookmakers have different event rules, or when there is a greater risk for a voided bet--are displayed in the Betting Browser so that you may take immediate corrective action and keep your betting small-risk.